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Admiralty and Maritime Law Admiralty and Maritime Law
The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide includes over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet and a growing database of admiralty case digests, opinions and international maritime conventions.
see also: Arbitration.
this resource in English is indexed under: Law, Transportation, Water.
Irrigation and Hydrology Irrigation and Hydrology
The original Virtual Library of Irrigation and Hydrology was first established in 1995 as part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library System, providing dedicated and structured information related to the wider area of irrigation and hydrology over many years. In late 2003, it was revived and restructured now with the major objective to provide quality-controlled full-text publications and information online.
this resource in English is indexed under: Agriculture, Population and Development Studies, Water.
Oceanography Oceanography
Note: non-compliant site (see http://vlib.org/admin/requirements).
this resource in English is indexed under: Earth Science, Water.
Pacific Studies Pacific Studies
A member of the South Pacific Information Network and of the Asian Studies WWW VL archipelago of scholarly web sites. This research tool is provided by the Internet Publications Bureau, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies at the Australian National University, Canberra, and is regularly updated.
this resource in English is indexed under: Asian Studies, Regional Studies, Water.
South China Sea South China Sea
An online resource for scholars and policy-makers interested in South China Sea regional development, environment and security issues.
this resource in English is indexed under: Asian Studies, Water.
Sustainable Development Sustainable Development
This page is maintained by the Center for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment, located at Université Libre de Bruxelles.
this resource in English is indexed under: International Affairs, Population and Development Studies, Water.
Wastewater Engineering Wastewater Engineering
The Wastewater Engineering Virtual Library was established on Dec. 5, 1994 and is devoted to all aspects of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.
this resource in English is indexed under: Engineering, Water.

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