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    • This geographic area has a section of the WWW Virtual Library Asian Studies devoted to it.
      North Korea VL
  • Note
    • These geographic pages are based on the International Standards' Organisation's list of country codes and names (ISO 3166). As the Virtual Library contains pages covering material from the dawn of prehistory upto present day political movements that may be seeking recognition of national status for certain geographic areas, then an ISO standard rather obviously will sit poorly with such pages.
      An attempt has been made, by a self-proclaimed non-expert to ‘file’ entries in the seemingly geographically closest ISO classification. The results are sometimes politically uncomfortable, the aim though is a useable gazetteer, not a re-writing of the membership of the UNO.
      Constructive, non-partisan suggestions for improving entries, without abandoning the basic ISO 3166 structure are welcome.
      (Jurisdictions within states are already divided off: e.g. Scotland within the United Kingdom. Scotland is de juro a separate jurisdiction and this is considered non-contentious (and indeed essential for cross-referencing to to ‘VL Law’ and ‘VL Arbitration’.).)


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