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2005 — 2006


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Raoul Sanchez was elected president of the association on October 13th 2005. The caretaker council, which he chaired organised council elections for the winter of 2005/06. These resulted in the election of a new council in January, which was inaugurated in February 2006, and Arthur Secret was elected as President.

Raoul is a software engineer, holding a master's degree in information science. He currently works within the software projects department of a major international organisation in Geneva. His post, which he has held for the past several years, relates to development of Web-related services. Born in Lima and of double Peruvian/Swiss nationality, Raoul completed most of his studies in France and Switzerland, not least in Geneva under the instruction of the late Bertrand Ibrahim. He is active in various fields relating to the Internet and a member of many Swiss and international associations relating to computer science. He is also president of an NGO involved in aid to the Third World.

For Raoul's current activities see his site at RaoulSanchez.com.

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