Past Members of the WWW Virtual Library

Many expert volunteers have given their time to the VL, though the years, working to create clear guides to their subject areas on the web. Many have passed the torch on to the current membership. A partial list of past VL members follows.

Overall Management

The Virtual Library was conceived and founded by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, while he was also creating HTML and the Web. The earliest record of the VL dates to this 1993 screenshot from Tim's computer.
The practical implementation of the VL was managed by Arthur Secret who was working with Tim at the time, and took over most of the running of the VL, co-ordinating the catalog and new members. When Tim moved to W3C, Arthur continued to manage the VL, until late in 1997.
At that point, maintenance of the VL catalog was taken over by Gerard Manning and the mailing lists were recreated by Alan Thornhill. In 1998 an ad-hoc comittee was formed to create a new structure for the VL, and by 1999 a permanent council was created to manage the central affairs of the VL. The following are some of our past members: in several cases, these members are still active in other areas of the VL.

Individual Sections

Created and managed by Keith Robison, from 1995? to 1998.
Buddhism Gopher, FTP, Mailing Lists and Chat-Room Resources
Created by T. Matthew Ciolek in Sep 1994, managed by Thomas Hippensteele Sep 1998 - Nov 2000
Created by Max Kopelvich in December 1993, maintained by him until October 2000.
Electronic Resources for the Study of Buddhist Texts
Created by T. Matthew Ciolek in Sep 1994, managed by Charles D. Patton, II 1996 - Sep 1999.
East Asia
Created by T. Matthew Ciolek in Mar 1994, managed by Gene R. Thursby Oct 1997 - Jan 1998, by Fabrizio Pregadio Feb 1998 - Aug 1998, by Laurel Mittenthal Sep 1988 - Nov 1999.
Lynn Nelson converted his HNsource data to HTML and added these to the WWWVL in September 1993. This material was hosted at Kansas University until May 2004.
Pacific Studies
Created by T. Matthew Ciolek in Jun 1995, managed by 'Alopi Latukefu Aug 1996 - Nov 1999.
Created by Ashley Walker, and managed by him from 1995 to 1999.
Standards and Standardization Bodies
Created and managed by Makoto Ikeda from December 1994 to January 2000.

We have photographs of the following Alumni

We welcome photographs, for publication, of those not shown here.

Tim Berners-Lee
Our founder (see the description above).
A biography is given on the W3C's site.
Bertrand Ibrahim
Justifiably described as "the architect of the new WWW Virtual Library". The contribution of the late Bertrand Ibrahim is described in more detail on the page Bertrand remembered.
The WWWVL has archived Betrand's university web site and is in te course of preparing those pages for publication here.
Arthur Secret

See the description above.

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