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Anthropology Anthropology
The main purpose of this web site is to provide resources in the many sub-fields of anthropology.
voir aussi: Archaeology, Archaeology and Prehistory.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Peuples, Sciences sociales.
Culture Culture
Links on Festivals, Exhibitions, Tourism Information, Organisations, ...
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres.
Evolutionary Philosophy Virtual Library of Evolutionary Philosophy
Since the theory of evolution gained widespread acceptance in the late 1800s, scientists and philosophers have been searching for ways to relate evolution to how we live, how we interact with society, and how we think of our place in existence. This VL contains links to resources relating to the philosophical implications of the theory of evolution.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Sciences sociales.
German Resources in Philosophy German Resources in Philosophy (in German)
Internationale Virtual Library Sektion: Deutsche Datenquellen - Philosophie.
voir aussi: Philosophy.
ceci en allemand est classé dans: Allemagne, Lettres.
Histoire History
The WWW-VL History Central Catalogue and World History Index.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Histoire, Lettres.
Jewish Studies Jewish Studies
The Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory is the gateway to 433 high-quality resources for the study of Judaism, including access to library catalogs and to databases like RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies.
voir aussi: Religion.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Peuples.
Litérature Française Litérature Française
Note: non-compliant site (see http://vlib.org/admin/requirements).
ceci en français est classé dans: Études régionales, Lettres.
Museums Museums
The Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp) are a distributed directory of online museums.
voir aussi: Museums in Germany (in German).
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres, Musées.
Museums in Germany Museums in Germany (in German)
Die Virtual Library Museen bündelt als Teil der Virtual Library Museums Pages des ICOM sowie als Abteilung Museologie der WWW-Virtual Library Deutschland des W3C museumsspezifische Online-Ressourcen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Die verschiedenen Sektionen werden von fachlich ausgewiesenen RedakteurInnen betreut. Im Bereich Ausstellungsbesprechungen und Literaturrezensionen kooperiert die VL Museen u.a. eng mit H-Soz-u-Kult und H-ArtHist sowie mit H-MUSEUM.
voir aussi: Museums.
ceci en allemand est classé dans: Allemagne, Lettres, Musées.
Philosophy Philosophy
This Virtual Library section is provided in collaboration with SOSIG, the Social Science Information Gateway. The SOSIG Internet Catalogue offers access to thousands of high-quality Internet resources, each selected and described by academic librarians and subject specialists. These WWW VL pages serve as a philosophy-specific view into the larger SOSIG catalogue.
voir aussi: German Resources in Philosophy (in German).
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Lettres.
Tibetan Religious and Cultural Centers and Foundations Tibetan Religious and Cultural Centers and Foundations
The purpose of this document is to provide a central access point to online resources dealing with Tibetan religious and cultural Centers, Groups, Foundations and Institutes. This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the field of Tibetan studies. It is a part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and of its specialist subsection, the East Asia WWW Virtual Library.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Études asiatiques, Lettres, Religion.

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