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Broadcasters Broadcasters
This page contains a list of national and international TV and radio broadcasters, together with other relevant links.
voir aussi: Publishers.
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DRM Digital Rights Management
Digital Rights Management (DRM) describes a range of technologies which allow control of distribution and access to digital information, typically - but not restricted to - mass-media content (e.g. books, music, movies), software or data files (e.g. documents, spreadsheets, databases).
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Publishers Publishers
This page contains links to WWW pages relevant to publishers.
voir aussi: Broadcasters.
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Telecommunications Telecommunications
The Telecoms Virtual Library is a free index of telecommunications companies and currently holds 8343 links to other telecommunications sites worldwide, indexed by subject. It is part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library and has been hosted by Analysys, one of the world's leading telecommunications consulting and research firms, since 1994.
ceci en anglais est classé dans: Communication et média, Ingénierie.

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